Trendy Wedding Florals

When you think of wedding decor the most common thing that comes to mind is flowers. But rather than settle for traditional bouquets and arrangements, 2018 brides and grooms are turning to trendy floral alternatives. The classic centrepieces of our parent’s day aren’t hitting the mark anymore. Today couples are craving a new dynamic take on flowers that will deliver a gorgeous fresh new look.    

Suspended Flowers

Suspended flowers are definitely the most coveted floral decor concept today. As a unique way to add dimension and height to your venue consider suspending floral arrangements from the ceiling. Instead of cluttering dining tables with vases and vessels, you should consider hanging greenery and flowers above the space your guests will be dining. Your guests’ eyes will be drawn to the beauty of the space and they will be mesmerized by the atmosphere. Also, suspended florals can be used to soften the look of an industrial space (another modern wedding design trend) or make a small venue look large by making use of the ceiling space. Suspended arrangements can be limited to strands of greenery or can be elaborate floral combinations. Choose the type of arrangement that will best suit your venue and the rest of your decor choices.          

Floral Garnish in Drinks

Edible flowers are a gourmet trend that is making its way to wedding receptions. Florals are being infused into every aspect of the wedding including signature cocktails. Floral cocktails will create an air of sophistication at your reception and it will turn your cocktails into photo-worthy works of art. Not only will the floral garnishes tie into the other floral elements of your wedding decor but it will provide a special aroma and taste to cocktails that your guests will surely remember and talk about during the weeks after your wedding.

Minimalist Arrangements and Bouquets

Today’s brides aren’t looking for the large, busy bouquets or arrangements that were on trend in the past. The modern trend in arrangements is the minimalist look. Minimal arrangements are tasteful and clean. They can be as simple as using only greenery as the main element of your decor to limiting your choice to a few key florals.  Bridal bouquets can also adopt the minimalist approach by using just a few choice stems in the bouquet.  Not only will the bride have a streamlined bouquet but they will also get the added benefit of a lighter bouquet to carry with them on the big day. This approach to decor may only appeal to those couples that subscribe to the “less is more” philosophy but to those who embrace this trend, they will truly be hitting the mark with the minimalist atmosphere they strive to deliver. This choice in floral arrangement will also allow you to let other elements of your venue or decor stand out. For instance, if you chose your venue for its architectural features, artwork or outdoor space you wouldn’t want to include elaborate floral arrangement that will distract from the features that led to your venue choice.